Matisse exhibition ends ‘best year’ at Woodend Gallery

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Woodend’s Gallery has opened its doors to an exhibition of prints and lithographs from the French painter and graphic designer, Henri Matisse.

“Matisse is the third of the world famous artists that we’ve exhibited this year,” said Woodend Director Andrew Clay. “We’ve already enjoyed tremendous success with the exhibitions of Chagall and then Hockney, and we’re looking to Matisse to round off the most successful year the gallery has had.”

The exhibition will run for a month at the gallery in The Crescent, Scarborough, until the middle of November.

“The exhibition will capture the tremendous range of work that Matisse produced,” said Andrew. “Unlike many of his contemporaries between the wars, Matisse wasn’t just a painter. He was also a sculptor, a graphic artist and a designer.”

Like the Chagall and Hockney, Matisse’s work is being exhibited in conjunction with the Goldmark Gallery in Rutland. “Working with Goldmark has been very beneficial for us,” said Andrew.

“It’s enabled us to bring the leading artists of the 20th century to Scarborough, and we’ve been absolutely delighted at the response to the exhibitions, with people coming from all over Yorkshire.

“This will be a great end to the year for us,” added Andrew. “We’re confident that Matisse will be as popular as the Chagall and Hockney exhibitions”

The exhibition is open daily from 9am until 5pm, and from 11am until 4pm on Saturdays. Admission is free.