Baton raised on Spa season

Spa Orchestra
Spa Orchestra

The Spa Orchestra starts its 102nd season of classical and light music – morning and evening – in the town in two months’ time.

The last remaining professional seaside orchestra, the ensemble dates back to 1912.

Its Sun Court sessions will run each Sunday to Thursday from Sunday June 8 to Thursday September 11 from 11am.

They feature a variety of tunes including songs from the shows, well-known tunes, waltzes, marches, novelty items etc all performed within the elegant enclosure with Scarborough’s stunning South Bay as the backdrop.

The evening concerts run each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from Thursday June 5 to Thursday September 11.

They are programmed as follows:

Sunday: On The Lighter Side – an evening of pure relaxation. tunes that everyone will know from the Spa Orchestra’s vast library of truly light music.

Monday: Classics For Pleasure – well-known and well-loved music from some of the world’s greatest composers, with the added attraction of stunning solos from members of the Orchestra – always a popular feature.

Wednesday: Melodies For You – more light music favourites with the accent very much on melody.

Thursday: Gala Night – specially themed musical entertainments, often with guest vocalists. The full programme has not yet been announced.