Cool Jools electrifies the Spa

Jools Holland
Jools Holland

Scarborough Spa’s Grand Hall has not boogied like this for years, and anyone present will want to make sure that they book to see Jools Holland and co whenever he appears again.

This show was like a giant party. It was casual, informal but in fact highly polished.

The Spa can claim a real triumph in having lured Jools from Bridlington, where he has played a few times.

For Jools’ first time in Scarborough, there were 1,463 people who were given a memorable treat of relaxed but polished entertainment, blended with jazz, blues, boogie-woogie, and a touch of the caribbean.

And it was all made to look so easy, led by keyboard king Jools.

His 18-piece band, including stunning singers Louise Marshall and Rosie May, supported by Ruby Turner and Roland Gift, previously of Fine Young Cannibals, electrified the place with distinctive sounds, and all so cool.

I’ve seen a lot of top shows and stars at the Spa, including star jazz names, but this was exceptional. Not since Georgie Fame played at the Grand Hall several years ago has the entire audience swayed so much to the beat.

The five saxophonists, drummer Gilson Lavis, and the four trumpeters looked as casual as buskers but boy, they can play.

Accentuate the Positive by Louise Marshall was just one of many numbers that had people on their feet for a non-stop display of energy and vitality.

Now that Jools has found his way to Scarborough, he has to become an annual fixture, surely.

Jools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

Scarborough Spa

Review by Ed Asquith