Dr Jazz is next up at Cask club

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The musician known as Doctor Jazz – guitarist Jim Birkett – comes to Scarborough Jazz at The Cask on Wednesday September 11.

Jim has a PhD in New Approaches to Jazz Improvisation - hence the title “Doctor”.

He began playing in public at the age of 12 with covers of 60s pop music, graduating to progressive ock and Jimi Hendrix music.

In the early 70s Jim became interested in jazz and studied at the Leeds College of Music.

He blends his education work with performing with his own jazz duos, trios and quartets.

Jim has played with various US artists such as: Scott Hamilton, Bud Freeman, Peanuts Hucko, Spike Robinson, Kenny Davern and Harry Allen. The list of British jazz stars Jim has gigged with includes Snake Davis, Peter King Alan Skidmore, Guy Barker and Don Weller.

A lyrical and fluent performer, Jim has a love of great melodies that has made him a favourite at Scarborough Jazz.

Jim brings pianist Jeremy McMurray to lead the backing trio.

Admission is £3 and the music starts at 8.45pm.