Gig Guide

Thursday October 4

The Valley: Vince Townsend, John Hesp; Hole in the wall: Open mic; The Turks Head: Open mic; Cellars: Jesse Hutchinson Band; The Cask: Tom Townsend Blues Band; Tap and Spile: Battle of the Bands; Resolution Hotel, Whitby: Musicport fringe

Friday October 5

Blue Crush: Alistair Huntley; Indigo Alley: acoustic sets; Sun Inn: Frenchies karaoke; The Anchorage: John Cartref; West Riding: acoustic/open mic; Old Vic: Infinity; Hole in the Wall: Robert Schmuck; Three Tuns, Filey: Lindy Farrah; The Newcastle Packet: Histronix

Saturday October 6

Tap and Spile: Stefan Ward Band; The Newlands: Paul Tilley; The Station, Filey: Nile Hollis; Indigo Alley: Except For Access; Sun Inn: Frenchies karaoke; The Railway Club: Genna Jeffries; The Albion: Snatch; Cayton playing fields: John Cartref; Spa: The Wild Colonial Boys; The Buccaneer, Filey: Stairwell 17; Londesborough Arms: Cooler on the Coast; The Ramshill: The Front; Vivaz: The Unruly Alliance; Eastway Sports Club: Steve Le Feuvre; The Ship: The Shamrockers; Three Tuns, Filey: Lindy Farrah; The Newcasle Packet: Soulrider

Sunday October 7

Blue Crush: Alistair Huntley on piano; Tap and Spile: Little Big Horn; The Turks Head: Dan Robinson; Sun Inn: Frenchies karaoke; The Spa pub: Pro Surf After Party – Louis Barrabas; Three Tuns, Filey: Stretch.

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