It’s a sell-out!

JLS ticket queue at The Sands. Picture by Andrew Higgins 121090d
JLS ticket queue at The Sands. Picture by Andrew Higgins 121090d
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SCARBOROUGH music fans queued round the block – and even camped out overnight – to get their hands on the first “earlybird” tickets for pop sensations Olly Murs and JLS.

The first 1,000 tickets for both Open Air Theatre concerts went on sale at The Sands on Saturday and Sunday morning, with some determined JLS fans queuing from 3.30pm the previous day.

JLS ticket queue at The Sands. Picture by Andrew Higgins 121090k 11/03/12

JLS ticket queue at The Sands. Picture by Andrew Higgins 121090k 11/03/12

First in the queue on Sunday morning was Lizzie Seetal, of Filey, who wanted tickets for her partner Stephen’s daughter Darcey, 12.

Ms Seetal, 51, said: “I’ve been here all night and I’ve loved it. I had hot water bottles, sleeping bags and even a side table! Stephen brought me breakfast this morning, so I’ve been well looked after.

“There has been some great banter in the queue and it was lovely to see the sun rise.”

She said this would be Darcey’s first big concert, adding: “She’s really excited.”

Also near the front were Pindar School pupils Emily Hupston, 15, and Leah Atkinson, 14, who had been there all night.

Emily said: “It was fun! My mum went and got us bacon sandwiches and coffee.”

Louise Davies, of Hunmanby, also queued overnight with her daughter Bethany, 15, who saw N-Dubz in Scarborough last year.

The 39 year old said: “It’s certainly been an experience! I kept thinking we must be mad, but it has been worth it. It’s great to have such a big concert happening on our doorstep.”

Dawn Metcalfe, of Hovingham Drive, queued from 5am with her friend Richard and children Keenan, 10, and Amelia, nine.

She said: “It’s been a bit cold, but it’s worth it for the children. It’ll be their first live concert.”

Best friends Ebony Bailey, Sammy Malone and Hannah Laws, all 11 years old, were delighted to be among the first to get JLS tickets.

Hannah’s mum Maria, of South Cliff, said: “It’s really good that the council has done this. It will be a fantastic event for the children.”

All the earlybird tickets sold out within a matter of hours, with the rest of the 6,500 tickets per show going on sale via Ticketmaster today.

Saturday’s excitement was marred by some problems with queue jumpers, with the police called in to monitor the situation.

Speaking on Saturday, Insp Tony Quinn, Scarborough’s Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector, said they received a number of calls from members of the public on Saturday morning.

He added: “They were complaining that people had turned up and pushed into the queue. It’s generally been good natured and it was just a few trying to spoil it.”

Clifford Headlam, who was from Stepney Road and joined Saturday’s queue at 6.30am, said the incidents were at around 8.30am. He added: “There were two or three incidents where it could have kicked off.

“I was sticking up for a lady in the queue – she was getting verbal abuse from this chap.”

His daughter, 13-year-old Rebecca, said she was a big fan of Olly Murs. She added: “I think it is good he is coming to Scarborough because he’s really popular and he’s a really good singer.

“Scarborough hasn’t had many people coming to the biggest open air theatre in Europe. I hope One Direction come here in the future.”

Nicola Edwards, a 27-year-old from Burniston Road, said she was really excited when she heard the show had been booked. She added: “He’s entertaining and he’s a really good singer.”

Tanya Saxton, a 37-year-old from Sherburn, said she was up at 6am and got to Scarborough at about 7am to buy tickets for her children. She said: “It’s my daughter’s 12th birthday in June and we are really looking forward to this.”

And her daughter, 11-year-old Robyn Kershaw, said she was really excited when she heard the news. She added: “I really like Olly Murs – he’s got a really good voice and he’s really handsome as well.”

People were also Tweeting from the queue, with Scarborough_UK saying: “All I can say is thank god that it was glorious sunshine in @Scarborough_UK while we were in the 5 hr long que 4 @ollyofficial xx#WELUVOLLY”.

Some under 14s were turned away empty handed, having queued for hours, because of regulations on ticket sales.

The council has reminded fans that under 14s cannot buy tickets without an adult and must be accompanied to the show itself.

Rachel Dean, director of Escape to the Sands, said: “We’ve tried to get people in as quickly as we can and do everything in the fairest way possible.

“The barriers that went up for the queue on Sunday made things a lot better.

“There has been a brilliant atmosphere. We’ve had lots of families in and the children are so excited when they get their tickets.”

She added that the JLS tickets sold out in four hours and the handful of people at the end of the queue left their details and will hopefully get tickets today.

Dionne Warwick tickets went on sale on Friday, with 350 selling in just one day.

She will perform on June 6, followed by Olly Murs on July 15 and JLS on August 18.