Live music at Stephen Joseph Theatre bistro is back

The bistro at the StephenJoseph Theatre is the setting for live music
The bistro at the StephenJoseph Theatre is the setting for live music

Following a successful first event early this year, the Stephen Joseph Theatre continues its open mic nights this autumn.

Two more Live@thebistro events will be held at the venue on Friday November 4 and Saturday December 31. The evenings will be hosted by the Theatre Youth Board, which helps encourage young people from 16 to 26 to join in activities and enjoy shows.

The open mic nights will feature local singers and musicians fand also other open mic acts such as poets and comedians.

Ian Whitfield from the Youth Board said: “Our first open mic night in May was great – very well attended and some great acts took part. We’re delighted to have been invited to run more and have the aim of a ‘Live Lounge’ to provide Scarborough with a relaxed end to the week in the company of some of the best acoustic artists in the area.

“We want to make sure that the talent out there has somewhere to go, kick back in a relaxed atmosphere, and do what they do well.

Fellow Youth Board member Archie Pheby McGarvey said: “I’ve been to open mic nights before and they’re a really good night out.

“Ours will start at 8pm and last for a few hours, and are for young people aged 16 and upwards. There’ll be acoustic guitars available on the night, and the first five acts to arrive will receive a free glass of beer or wine from the bar.

“Even if you’re not playing an instrument, you can still come and socialise with your friends as there will be piano karaoke too.”