Pair bring mixed jazz repertoire

Julie Edwards and Kevin Dearden
Julie Edwards and Kevin Dearden

The pairing of vocalist with a guitarist is always attractive, and a splendid example of this can be heard at Scarborough Jazz Club at The Cask on Wednesday May 22.

Julie Edwards was noted by The Jazz Journal as “joining the front runners in the world of female jazz singers”.

Her partner, Kevin Dearden, is an excellent guitarist who has great empathy with Julie.

They have produced three albums together to great acclaim and were featured on the national radio shows of Michael Parkinson and Humphrey Lyttelton.

Julie and Kevin work hard to escape the regional tag and play the whole of the UK.

They have appeared at many festivals including at Scarborough, Cleethorpes, Keswick, Birmingham, Wigan and Cork.

As well as providing a feast for lovers of The Great American Songbook, Julie draws on material from elsewhere in a well chosen set of varied and interesting songs.

With drum and bass backing Julie and Kevin, the music begins at 8.45pm.

A mere £3 paid at the door will buy you a splendid evening’s listening.