Peter Hook takes to the decks at the Spa, Scarborough

Photo Ian Robinson'Former Joy Division and New Order bass player Peter Hook during his visit to UCLan
Photo Ian Robinson'Former Joy Division and New Order bass player Peter Hook during his visit to UCLan
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To bassists, the name Peter Hook is as synonymous to the instrument as Clapton is to the guitar.

With his four-string held down to his knees, the pioneering bassist used his melodic riffs to almost single-handily fuse rock and dance music together, as the groove-maker in two of the most influential bands in musical history: Joy Division and New Order.

However, after an ugly public spat that resulted in his exodus from the latter, the Salford-born pioneer is now forging a new career as a DJ.

And this Saturday, he will take to the decks at the Spa, as part of a revival of the legendary Hacienda nightclub, a mecca for ravers in the halcyon early 90s.

The club, operated by Factory records, was funded by New Order’s record sales. However, despite thousands of punters flocking through its doors, the club went bust through mis-management.

“You should never employ your mate,” laughed Peter.

“Your mates are great at being your mates but rubbish at everything else.

“There was no control or business attitude. but you have to bear in mind though we didn’t want a business attitude - we thought it was boring.

“We set out what we wanted to do and that was entertain the city for 16 years - at our own expense.”

Now he’s entertaining the rest of the world, as part of a global revival tour, which will stop in Scarborough as part of the Happy Mondays headline show at the Open Air Theatre.

And the musician, who has pened a book about the downfall of the club, admits that the revival of the venue started as soon as the venue opened.

“It needed reviving from the first day.

“The live shows did well but the club nights made nothing.

“We wanted it to be like the clubs in New York, and have a clubby vibe - but it didn’t.”

The club started because the co-founders realised that everywhere in Manchester was a “suit and tie job” - and there was nowhere for the outsiders, such as the punks.

But it soon became a notorious haven for crooks, with drug dealers and gangsters milking the venue of any profits.

And Peter added: “We couldn’t guarantee the safety of people in the club. The police were no help whatsoever, and in reality they should have been as every reprobate in Manchester was in one place at one time!

“You were more or less forced to deal with it yourself. But it got too much for me, it nearly bankrupted me and it got to the point where the wife said it’s either me or the club.”

However, nearly 20 years since the venue closed its doors, the Hacienda name still carry’s currency, a fact recognised when the son of late-Factory founder Tony Wilson dusted off his acid house collection to stage a throwback event several years ago.

Ever since, ‘Hooky’ has been dropping classics on a regular basis. Last year, they even took the show to Japan (“The Japanese eat up anything to do with Manchester”).

He’s also been keeping himself busy with his new group, Peter Hook and The Light, playing classic New Order and Joy Division albums in their entirety.

The group, which features Peter’s own son, will head out on the road for an intimate tour later this year, playing songs long-absent from New Order’s sets.

But for now, he’s bringing the party to Scarborough. The euphoria might take a few more days to wear off, but for one night only, ravers can pretend its 1990 all over again - albeit for a few hours.

“That period was the most hedonistic period in Manchester club life and it’s never outlived that.

“We can’t recover like it’s 1991, we still party, but we can’t recover - one thing I’ve learned about this world is that you can’t have everything.

“These people come along though, and want to make a real night of it like they did 15 years ago.

“That’s why they are so successful because they don’t go out that often, but when they do, they go mad!

“These people are just coming down and reliving a wonderful period in their lives, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

FAC51 Hacienda - the official Happy Mondays after party - at The Spa’s Grand Hall from 11pm to 3am.

Graeme Park (Hacienda Resident DJ); Bez (Happy Mondays/Blackgrape) and Vince Vega (Happy Mondays Official Tour DJ) share the bill.

Box office: 01723 821 888