Review: Kate Rusby at Scarborough Spa

Kate Rusby
Kate Rusby

The Scarborough Spa Grand Hall played host to a festive Kate Rusby and her band - which was a return visit from the Yorkshire ‘queen of folk’.

Kate arrives on stage resplendent in a sparkling dress describing herself to the audience as ‘ a human glitter ball’.

She opendc her christmas songbook with an old Yorkshire carol called Bradfield.

Over the past years Kate has embarked on an annual christmas tour inspired by traditional Yorkshire carols sung in local pubs.

She sings with soft melancholy backed by her tremendous band throughout the show.

Halfway through the night the band got their own musical spotlight and wowed the audience with a selection of musical treats.

Kate returned and delighted the crowd with new and old songs visually complemented with a festive backdrop of knitted stars and snowflakes.

After the final song Kate returned for an encore finishing with a very special Yorkshire Christmas carol.

The audience left with a smile and a warm feeling that christmas is just around the corner.