Russell picks choir as guest

Graham Community  Chhoir
Graham Community Chhoir

The Graham Community Choir will perform with Russell Watson when the ‘the Voice’ appears at Scarborough Spa next month.

The singers will accompany the tenor for a selection of numbers when he performs in the Grand Hall on Saturday March 7 .

The 90-plus strong choir which has been chosen by Russell, has been running for more than 12 years and started life as the The Can’t Sing Choir.

It has developed into a four-part choir singing a varied mixture and popular range of music and employ an open door, no audition policy making them a genuine community choir.

The challenge of singing some operatic extracts with Russell has been embraced wholeheartedly by the choir, especially the extracts that require singing in Italian and French and extra rehearsals have been scheduled in the coming weeks.

The choir’s conductor Bill Scott said: “I am honoured that the choir has been chosen to perform with Russell Watson, the choir are great fans of his and we shall be working very hard to sing our best for him”.

“The choir is particularly enjoying singing some pieces for the concert in Italian and French and the musical challenges that they present. I am proud of the choirs continued development

Russell Watson will also be joined by ‘the People’s Soprano’ Rebecca Newman.