Scarborough Spa Orchestra in Gilbert and Sullivan gala

Scarborough Spa Orchestra ready to play.Picture Richard Ponter 132336a
Scarborough Spa Orchestra ready to play.Picture Richard Ponter 132336a

One of Scarborough Spa 
Orchestra’s most popular gala concerts – An Evening of 
Gilbert and Sullivan – returns on Thursday July 25.

The comic operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan have never lost their popularity, partly because of the humour of Gilbert’s clever lyrics, and partly because Sullivan’s tunes are so memorable.

Sharing the stage with the Spa Orchestra will be a full chorus and three singers whose G and S pedigree is second to none.

Debra Morley, a Spa favourite, has sung all the soprano leads. Tenor Joe Shovelton works throughout Europe in shows by composers as varied as Rodgers and Hammerstein and Benjamin Britten.

Richard Suart is world famous for his comedy portrayals in the duo’s operettas.

In a busy week for the Spa Orchestra, the second Peasholm Park Firework Spectacular concert takes place on Friday July 26.

The programme includes themes from Casablanca to Harry Potter.

Joining the Orchestra to sing some of the great songsfrom famous movies will be Michelle Todd who always comes back to Scarborough from her home in Canada.

She would never miss the chance to sing with the Spa Orchestra.

Kathryn Seabrook leads the Teddy Bears Picnic at the Spa Sun Court on Monday July 29 at 1pm.