Terri-Ann wants you to appear in her video

Terri- Ann Prendergast
Terri- Ann Prendergast

Singer-songwriter Terri-Ann Prendergast has the setting, she has the song and the main players – now she wants you in her music video.

The 23-year-old will be shooting the visuals for her latest single Smile Again at Cayton Bay on Sunday November 3 from 2.30pm.

Anyone interested in taking part is invited to go along.

“People won’t be asked to do anything difficult,” said Terri-Ann, “there is no acting experience required.”

Smile Again is a song based on her experience and is about relationships.

“Rather than make the music video a generic story seen a thousand times ... boy meets girl, boy hurts girl ... couple splits ... I want to capture the essence of love, relationships and what creates this overpowering bond,” said Terri-Ann.

She has recruited new mum Carly Zoella, who lives near Malton, who will be appering in the video with baby Rory.

Terri-Ann’s mum and dad Donna and Michael, who live in Cayton, are also taking part. “I’ve got mum and dad featured as the unbreakable love. They have been through so much together including a recent battle with cancer and they are still as strong as ever,” she said.

Cameron Elliott and Megan Elvidge from Ann Taylor’s School of Dance will also be in the video.

“My idea is to set these relationships up on camera and capture the different expressions and emotions expressed with love and shown in a smile, because the song is called Smile Again and at the end of the day it’s all the same love,” she said.

Smile Again and Terri-Ann’s first song Mask of Sanity were both produced by Ollie Green who has worked with Lady Ga Ga and Carly Rae Jepson. Terri-Ann went to St Augustine’s School and was a member of Ann Taylor’s School of Dance.

She has been singing in Scarborough since she was 16 and did her first gig at the Old Vic, opposite Scarborough Railway Station. She has gigged at Staxtonbury and acted with York Theatre Royal.

She has been invited to sing at an award ceremony for the Princes Trust at the Grand Theatre, Leeds, on November 13. Terri-Ann has been helped by the trust in setting up her own entertainment business.