Visiting bands a musical treat

UP TO 30 youth Norwegian bands have been entertaining visitors in Scarborough's town centre over the past few days in the International Music Festival.

They have been brought over to the area by two travel companies and Kate Butler, the Scarborough representative of Eurotravel, said the response from the public had been “brilliant”. She said: “They love to see Norwegian school groups perform in their nice uniforms. They play very well and are so young. We don’t really have that sort of thing in England.

“There are only four million people in Norway and they have loads of school bands. The response has been wonderful.”

She added that in the past bands had been brought over from other countries including Sweden, Denmark and Germany, but now it was mainly Norway.

“We’ve had 13 bands over here over a 10-day period and the other company, Club England, has had a similar number,” she said. “So I would say there have been 30 between the two of us.”