X-Factor star speaks of ‘troll’ hell

Sophia Wardman
Sophia Wardman

SCARBOROUGH popstar Sophia Wardman has claimed she has been the target of sickening abuse at the hands of internet trolls.

The Belle Amie star said she received countless messages on Twitter and Facebook, with one person even threatening to shoot her on stage at the Open Air Theatre.

The X-Factor singer spoke to the Evening News to warn against cyber bullies after television presenter Richard Bacon revealed he is a victim of internet trolls.

She said: “People have sent messages to me nearly every day. They’ve said some horrible things to me.

When she was a contestant on the X-Factor show, she claims she was threatened over an alleged romance with a member of boyband One Direction.

She said the abuse just highlighted people’s “evil little side”, adding: “The most worrying thing is how many of them are 11 and 12-year-olds, who wouldn’t dare say these things if they weren’t behind a computer.

“If you do receive any abuse, just don’t respond. Report and block them.”