Prendo returns for Wyke weekend gigs

Former Scarborough-based guitar supremo John Prendo Prendergast will play the Hayburn Wyke Hotel, Cloughton, tomorrow and Saturday.

Originally from Thurnscoe, near Barnsley, Prendo, as everyone knows him, moved to Scarborough in the late 60s, and promptly blew all the local players off the stage.

As a left-handed player, he could not only play his own left-handed guitars, but given any old ‘normal’ guitar and he could wrest the most amazing sounds out of it. He played with several bands of the era.

Having gigged around Yorkshire, in the early 1990s Prendo moved to France, basing himself on Belle Ile en Mer, from where he toured Europe.

He will be playing with his latest band The Brothers of the Night tomorrow.

“This band is revisiting my early influences, with a wide and very varied set of popular songs rearranged and updated to suit my style, and the audiences enjoyment,” he said.

On Saturday night, John is offering a ‘jam night’, open to all musicians, with backing from Rich Hodgson on bass, and Dave Magson on drums.