Ruth’s exhibtion Harbours is on at Blandscliff gallery

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Ruth Miemczyk is the guest artist at Blandscliff Gallery in Scarborough.

Ruth was born in 1949 near Barnsley, her father a Polish refugee who settled there with other soldiers of the Polish Free Army and her mother a Yorkshire girl from a small mining village.

“My upbringing was a mix of Yorkshire ‘down to earth’ grit, along with a community of Polish refugees fighting to keep their culture alive. Both aspects have strongly influenced my philosophy on life and work.”

Her art studies began at Barnsley School of Art in the 60s, where much emphasis was placed on building up skills in drawing and painting, followed by Fine Art Painting at the Central School of Art and Design in London. “These were special times with a host of very renowned artists teaching in the big London Art Colleges.” Eventually she went on to do post-graduate teaching at Goldsmiths College, London.

Now living in Scarborough, she has worked as a painter for more than 40 years, with 10 solo shows as part of the Hospital arts scheme, some of which were touring shows, numerous solo exhibitions in art centres, private galleries and county museums in the UK and abroad, with 2 major exhibitions in Poland, as well as taking part in many group shows and painting residencies. She has work in many private collections, as well as banks, hospitals, the industrial sector and universities and received an Arts Council “Individual Artist Award” in 2004 where she produced a series of large-scale works as a result of this.

This new exhibition, Harbours is a group of paintings that began unintentionally to represent actual harbours. The black, angular shapes cutting into the picture-plane seemed to indicate aerial harbour shapes. Several photographs and drawings in sketchbooks during trips to Dieppe have found their way into some of the work, as well as map fragments and watching the progression of sea-charts on ferry crossings. In newer works there are also several references to things in Scarborough Harbour.

The exhibition is open now and runs until the end of October.