Sir Jim in tribute to Flick

Flick Colby of Pan's People
Flick Colby of Pan's People

LEGENDARY DJ Sir Jimmy Savile paid tribute yesterday to Flick Colby, who was the driving force behind iconic dance troupe Pan’s People.

Flick passed away at her home in New York at the age of 65 last week from bronchial pneumonia.

She co-founded Pan’s People in the mid-1960s, and the group became a national institution accompanying hits on Top of the Pops.

Sir Jimmy, who presented the show when the group were in their pomp, said: “Flick was a rare type of person. I knew her for years and years.

“As a dancer and choreographer she knew exactly what the public wanted.

“She made the group into a world-class team. That was the only time when disk-jockeys came second because Pan’s People came first.”

Sir Jimmy, who owns a flat in Scarborough, last saw Flick at the last ever Top of the Pops, which he co-presented in 2006.

“She lived in New York but she popped in for the final show,” he said. “She was a very special girl.”

Pan’s People first appeared on Top of the Pops in 1968 and spent eight years as the show’s resident dancers.

Flick originally performed with the group herself. But she preferred to remain out of the limelight and then concentrated on choreographing the other five members.

The group created controversy at the time with their skimpy miniskirts, hotpants, bikinis or eye-catching bell-bottoms, as they provided visual accompaniments to songs in the days before music videos.

Flick, a trained ballet dancer, also worked on television shows including Sez Les, The Two Ronnies, The Black and White Minstrels Show and The Goodies.