The Warriors return to Spa

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The Shaolin Warriors are set toperform a jaw-dropping martial arts spectacle at the Spa, Scarborough, next month.

Returning to the stage with a new show, the performance will showcase the art of Kung-fu on Sunday June 16 in the Spa’s Grand Hall at 7.30pm.

Called the Return of the Master, the show captures the essence of Chinese martial arts by performing the rarely-seen feats of the rigorous Kung-fu training, illustrating the lengths The Shaolin Warriors go to physically test their strength, agility and skill.

Choreographed by the official choreographer of the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, the performance features 22 professionally trained Kung-fu masters.

Suitable for audiences of all ages, the Warriors demonstrate their Buddhist meditationprocess and put their body and mind’s to the test through extraordinary Kung-fu practices.

Their show at The Spa is one of 80 dates of their UK-theatre tour and the Warriors have been seen by more than 500,000 people all over the world already.

The Shaolin Warriorsalso perform animal imitation boxing and other daring stunts including fighting with more than 20 kinds of different dangerous traditional weapons.

Helen Broadbent, general manager at Scarborough Spa, said ‘This show is an outstanding spectacle of death defying stunts that will enthrall the whole family.”