Bananadrama presents an evening of plays by local writers at Woodend

Awardwinning Bananadrama presents an evening of new plays
Awardwinning Bananadrama presents an evening of new plays

Award-winning Scarborough drama group Bananadrama returns to Woodend for an evening of plays and readings on Friday May 25 at 7.30pm

The evening includes a performance of its latest festival entry These Are the Days as well as several other pieces, written by local actors, read script in hand.

These Are the Days: By Shari Gledhill. What makes a lifetime together? Vicky and Matt reflect on 20 years of happiness and heartache together. What is the next chapter in their story?

Engage: By Paul Spencer. Georgette was different. Everyone belonged, except her. Everyone understood. How had the world become so unrelatable? Engage is the a tale of betrayal, redemption – and Mr Spock.

Defriend: By Shari Gledhill, Brian is excited to take his first baby steps into the world of social media. But will it go as smoothly as he imagines?

Customer Service: By Stewart Clark. Louise loves her waitressing job – but dealing with rude customers can be murder.

Forget Me Not: By Shari Gledhill. Two men meet on a railway platform. Are they strangers to each other or do they have a shared history that neither of them can forget?

Tickets are available from Woodend or on the door.

Call: 01723 384500.