Calamity Jane on way to Scarborough YMCA

Calamity Jane at Pinewood Holiday Park...Josephine Pimm, Liam Galashan
Calamity Jane at Pinewood Holiday Park...Josephine Pimm, Liam Galashan

Rehearsals are under way at Woodend for an amateur production of the musical Calamity Jane which is on in Scarborough next month.

UK Foundation for Dance, in association with Scarborough Musicals, has assembeld a 28-strong local cast of all ages, directed by Tim Tubbs, choreographed by Sheryl Buttner.

Calamity Jane brings alive the old Wild West of Deadwood in the 1870s Gold Rush.

Warner Bros produced the original 1953 film as a star vehicle for Doris Day and Howard Keel.

The show tells the story of the gun-totin’ stagecoach driver who dresses as a man and tells tall stories, and of how she gets her man in the end, while launching a talented young stage actress, along the way. Its unforgettable tunes include The Deadwood Stage, The Black Hills Of Dakota, Windy City, I Can Do Without You and the chart-topping 
Secret Love.

The Scarborough production features Becca Heywood as Calamity Jane, Damon Hotchin as Wild Bill Hickok, Josephine Pimm as Katie Brown and Liam Galashan as Danny Gilmartin.

Director Tim Tubbs said: “Calamity Jane seems to be everyone’s favourite musical, it’s a real old-fashioned, happy, tuneful family show.”

It runs at the YMCA Theatre from Wednesday November 5 to Saturday November 8, daily at 7.30pm with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm.