Chance to take part in new stage play

Doreen Gray - new comedy from Lip Service
Doreen Gray - new comedy from Lip Service

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is looking for willing members of the community to perform live on stage and on film in a new play by LipService.

The award-winning theatre company is a regular visitor to Scarborough with their often bizarre and always comic interpretations of classics, most recently seen in Inspector Norse and Withering Looks.

Now they’re turning their attention to Dorian – rather Doreen – Gray based on Oscar Wilde’s story.

Doreen Gray has it all, a drive time radio show, a high ratings lifestyle programme on Even More 4 but, hitting 50, Doreen finds her face no longer fits the bill. At a school reunion she stumbles across a youthful self-portrait and makes a dark deal.

LipService is looking for two teams of 20-30 members to perform in alternate showings of The Picture of Doreen Gray which is at the Stephen Joseph from November 5 to 8. It is open to anyone aged 16+, no experience is necessary.

There will be workshops on October 28 to 30 and November 4, from 6pm to 8pm, to rehearse three musical numbers as well as developing material which will be filmed for inclusion in each of the performances.

Anyone interested in signing up is welcome to the recruitment evening at The Street in Lower Clarke Street, Scarborough on Tuesday September 30 from 6pm to 8pm.