New company Cresta at the Y in first play

Cresta Players
Cresta Players

Cresta Amateur Dramatic Society and Scarborough YMCA have formed a new group, Cresta at the Y and present a new play next month.

Cresta has built a following and reputation over the years and regularly take part in the festivals at both Saltburn and Sedgefield.

They have performed one act plays, written by their writer Sue Wilding and have won many awards including best actor, best actress and best production.

A spokesperson for Cresta said: “It is wonderful to be back performing at the YMCA Theatre once again and hopefully this will become a regular occurrence.”

The first play to be presented by Cresta at the Y will be Sue Wilding’s comedy drama Conversation with the Trees.

The play focuses on a group of people who have come together – not necessarily willingly – to restore and renovate a local park.

Group leader Trevor has problems right from the start, trying to motivate his little team, hindered by young troubled teen Darren, who seems to want to do all he can to disrupt the entire day. In the course of a day they find out a lot about themselves and each other.

The play runs at the YMCA Theatre in St Thomas Street, Scarborough, from Thursday March 12 to Saturday March 14 , daily at 7.30pm. Tickets on 01723 506750.