Northern Broadsides at Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

The Grand Gesture
The Grand Gesture

Northern Broadsides makes The Grand Gesture and sweeps into the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, with this dark comedy next month.

The theatre company’s latest production is based on Nikolai Erdman’s dark comic classic, The Suicide and has been updated from 1920s Russia to 21st century Britain.

The Grand Gesture is directed by Conrad Nelson and has been adapted by playwright Deborah McAndrew .

The story centres on Simeon Duff, who is unemployed, broke and desperate. After a failed last-ditch attempt to solve his problems by learning to play the tuba, he finally realises there’s only one way out … a suicide.

Word gets around and soon the whole community wants to be in on his act. The death of Duff might not be in vain, but transformed into a grand gesture on behalf of some noble cause. Will it be for love, politics, religion – or the rising price of fish?

It is set within the north’s Anglo-Irish community, and told with a blend of Irish folk and choir.

“I only came across this play recently and it struck me as something special. The context is very Russian as are many of the jokes, but pared back to the basic circumstances it becomes universal.”

It is at the Stephen Joseph Theatre from Tuesday November 19 to Saturday 23, daily at 7.30pm. Matiness on the Thursday at 1.30pm and the Saturday at 2.30pm.