REVIEW: Billy Pearce Laughter Show at Scarborough Spa

Billy Pearce
Billy Pearce

Traditional seaside entertainment is alive and well, courtesy of Billy Pearce – a comedian and song and dance man.

Pearce is one of a diminishing breed – an all-round entertainer who can do everything – stand-up, sing and dance.

He has an endearing, down-to-earth quality which makes an audience warm to him immediately.

This is his show – it opens with Linda Newport and company performing a song and dance routine but it is not long before the star of the show is commanding the stage – and has the audience eating out of his hand.

Sophisticated it isn’t – some of the jokes have seen better days but they are still funny and when it comes to politics Pearce tops the ‘Have I Got News for You’ brigade any day of the week.

“If you put David Cameron, Ed Milliband, David Clegg and Nigel Farage on a desert island, who would survive?” he asked and, after a suitable pause, answered: “Us!” That summed up the current political situation up nicely. Pearce makes it all look so easy but there is scarcely a minute when he is not on stage. This is a family show, although there are one or two jokes that children would not get – but it is never crude or cruel.

Pearce involves his four-strong supporting singers and dancers in his routines – to which the word ‘slick’ could seldom be used.

But if it is honest-to-goodness, traditional seaside entertainment you want then look no further than this belly-bustingly funny, good-natured, two-hour show.

Billy Pearce Laughter Show is at the Spa each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until September 23. Performances start at 8pm.

Review: Sue Wilkinson