REVIEW - Jurassic Adventures - The Spa Grand Hall

Jurassic Adventure
Jurassic Adventure

A trip to The Spa during half-term to see Jurassic Adventures proved to be a roaring success with my three daughters.

My four-year-old Macie was the most enthusiastic of the trio upon hearing our destination whereas her older siblings Caitlin, 11, and Ellie-Mae, 7, were a bit more sceptical.

The show was brought to Scarborough by World of Stage and the team behind Disney on Ice so I knew that it would be a polished performance.

The adventure was centred around a team of scientists on Amber Island, led by Dr McCoy, his assistant Diego, paleobotanist Paris and the doctor’s daughter Alex, and the dinosaurs that also inhabit the isle.

Alex’s friendship with the tame dinosaur Dana calmed the smaller members of the audience who seemed in awe of the impressive T-Rex while the more aggressive carnivore Tyson packed more of a punch with his sinister presence.

Macie was genuinely scared by Tyson but still didn’t hide from the action and followed the plot, which centred around the discovery of Dana’s eggs and the quartet trying to get back to the base safely.

The young cheery cast were very impressive and there were plenty of mentions of local places and this added to the comfortable relationship between the audience and the characters.

The caveman-type character Sappy was very funny and kept the girls gigglng, it is a shame he wasn’t used more.

The constant reminders from the cast that ‘this isn’t a musical’ was another running gag that worked well whenever it seemed like a musical departure was about to occur.

Some of the older children in the audience may have lost interest at various points but I think the age-group from four to 10 was ideally served by this production,

The open ending hinted at a sequel to this bright and breezy prehistoric adventure and my girls said they’d be keen to return next year for more, though I think Caitlin may well have outgrown it by then.

The Grand Hall was almost full for the show, the second of two performances that day, and I’d recommend a sequel as great entertainment for anyone trying to offer their children something original during the holidays.