REVIEW: Robin Hood, YMCA, Scarborough

Robin Hood at YMCA
Robin Hood at YMCA

Oh yes it is – the YMCA panto is a slice of saucy, sassy, naughty, nice and tuneful fun with plenty of opportunity for audience participation.

Apart from Michael O’Brien the cast if made up of youngsters – and they bring exuberance, enthusiasm as well as some polished performances to the proceedings.

Dan Stubley is a ‘rockin’ Robin, Maria McAdam a feminine, feminist Marian, and Alexandra Kirby a sassy Fairy Bush.

Miles Horsham-Batley rang every last boo out of the audience as the evil Sherrif of Nottingham – and clearly relished the baddie’s role.

Jack Maw turned in a chirpy, cheerful, cheeky performance as Little John and his pals Friar Tuck played by Charlie Shaw and Sam McNeill as Will Scarlet were also good comedy value.

And, there were laughs aplenty from Michael O’Brien as the dame, Mother Hood. He flirted, pouted and ad-libbed his way through the two-hour plus show – there was never a dull moment or outfit when he was on stage.

The dame is always the lynchpin of any panto – and Mike kept the whole thing on a not so even keel – but it is a great ride.

The lavatorial humour was slight – but it is never to my taste so we’ll gloss over that but just to say to expect a smattering of it.

That said – from the fancy curtain raise of a light show to the final bow Robin Hood is a great family show, oh yes it is.

It is on until Saturday January 3. Box office on: 01723 506750

Review: Sue Wilkinson