Sean at heart of the matter

Comedian and circus clown Sean Kempton
Comedian and circus clown Sean Kempton

A new show from a member of the world’s largest theatrical producer, Canadian ‘contemporary circus’ Cirque du Soleil, visits the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough.

Stuff, a one-man show written and performed by Cirque du Soleil lead clown Sean Kempton, can be seen on Wednesday May 31 at 7.45pm.

Stuff is playful, funny, sad and familiar., Sean Kempton mixes comedy, mime, clowning and the odd bit of dance in this absurdist show about love: the result is a highly energetic and entertaining physical piece that takes its audience on a journey through the fragility, hilarity and awkwardness that love can sometimes entail.

Predominantly non-verbal, Stuff was developed from interviews with people from the ages of six to 84 on the subjects of love and human connection.

Sean said: “Stuff was developed out of a need to create a more simple, intimate and honest performance than the large spectacles I was working on at the time.

“The smaller space allows me to reach everybody and have subtle nuances, dealing with complex subjects that could be lost on 3,000 people.

“It was important to approach the subject and emotional weight without uttering a word and have the ability to move a crowd at the same time as keeping them laughing.

“I spent a long time distilling the essence of each moment to find out what I was saying and where the perfect game was. The result is very playful and hopefully quite touching.”

Sean has more than 23 years’ international experience as an actor, circus performer and director with a career spanning the West End, Broadway, The Kennedy Centre, Las Vegas and Alaska.

He was an original cast member in Franco Dragone’s epic water show Le Reve in Las Vegas

Tickets for Stuff are aviavailable from the box office on 01723 370541 or visit the website: