Beat the bug: Scarborough 's South Cliff Gardens team's idea to keep us all busy as we stay indoors

Members of the South Cliff Gardens team have come up with ways to keep Scarborough residents of all ages busy as they stay indoors.

Monday, 23rd March 2020, 12:32 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd March 2020, 12:34 pm
Things to do

The activities have been pulled together as part of Inter-generational Week and include things you can do with your family for the project during physical distancing and while in self- isolation.

Knit a square for the South Cliff Gardens Blanket

People urged to knit or crochet a square for the South Cliff Gardens Community blanket. When the New Community Building is built we’d like to have a blanket on hand for people who are using the space. We’d like it to be a thing of beauty that celebrates the heritage of the gardens and the diversity of the people who use them.

Square must be 10x10ins, can be any colour and can include accessories such as beads. Knitting or crocheting should be done on the theme of the South Cliff Gardens, but feel free to be as creative and as inventive as you like.

Write a story

As part of our activity programme we are developing an oral history project to collect the hidden stories about the South Cliff Gardens. Do you have an interesting story to tell, or any fond stories about the gardens, or are you interested in researching other people’s stories? If so then why not have a go at writing down and sharing your thoughts and musings with us.

Drawings and paintings

Any budding artists out there? Why not take this opportunity to waft those arms about and throw some broad brushstrokes onto canvas. We are looking for creations based on the South Cliff Gardens that fit within the following themed categories:

1) Historical Habitats

2) Wistful Wanderings

3) Connecting Conservation

Digital entries also allowed and short runners will be included in a calendar available for sale.

Write a poem

Are there any poets out there? Always fancied giving poetry a try? Why not start now and send us your poems about the gardens. We’d like to hear poems that express why the South Cliff Gardens are important to you and how they make you feel as you walk through them.


As part of the activity programme we are going to hold an annual art calendar competition. This will include images both photograph and art focussed on the South Cliff Gardens, short runners for which will be included in a calendar available for sale.

We are looking for creations based on the South Cliff Gardens that fit within the following themed categories:

4) Historical Habitats

5) Wistful Wanderings

6) Connecting Conservation

Letter Writing

For all you children who are staying at home why don’t you write a letter about your experience of the South Cliff Gardens or draw a picture of your favourite part of the gardens so that we can send this on to the local care homes.

Please send all digital entries or photographs of hard entries such as knitting to:

[email protected] or [email protected]For hard entries such as paintings, knitting, crochet etc the team might not be able to access these until the virus has passed and it can return to the Town Hall so please hold on to them until then.