Luna Park: Eight pictures of the rides inside the Scarborough amusement park

The summer holidays are right around the corner and locals and tourists alike will soon be flocking to the beach to enjoy themselves.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 10:24 am
Eight photos of the rides at Luna Park.

Here are eight pictures of the rides in Luna Park, a seaside staple on Scarborough's South Bay, with more scheduled to arrive closer to the summer.

The amusement park is found at the end of South Bay near the harbour.
The bouncy fun house is perfect for energetic children to jump around and tire themselves out.
The Exposure ride offers something for the more daring amongst us.
The ride spins you around and drops back down to the bottom.
The teacup ride - a favourite with little ones.
The Cyclone ride.
Race O Rama - for little car fanatics.
A roundabout ride.