Walks: A splendid walk on the Yorkshire Wolds

The Yorkshire Wolds provide splendid walking, and it's like being in another world. Woodland and dales, hills and villages, are all imbued with soft light and clear air. As the Yorkshire Wolds are composed of chalk, any rainwater is absorbed rapidly, helping the land dry out very quickly. Conditions underfoot are seldom wet for long.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 3:00 pm
Track leading down to Cans Dale.

Try this easy, direct route which is a very calming and satisfying experience, and I’m sure you’ll return for more. Access from Staxton roundabout, is by turning as signed to Filey and Hunmanby.

Approaching the village of Flixton, enter a 40mph zone, and just ahead turn right as signed: Fordon 3 miles and Wold Newton 4 miles. Ascend the road to its summit and continue along the lane with its passing bays.

You’ll see indications regarding the Wolds Way off right, and then off left, before suggested parking when you’ll see a ‘BEND’ sign.

Start: At the bend, leave the lane, to walk directly ahead. Aim for the band of trees beside Danebury Manor and you can’t go wrong. Almost immediately is a sign, ‘Danebury Manor’.

Keep straight on between a house to your right and some new buildings off left. Extensive fields spread before you with chalk and flints.

The fine track becomes hedged to the right, soon turning grassy, and then entering a green lane from Five Firs Plantation.

A disused pit lies to the left as you descend a somewhat overgrown ‘lane’ with hawthorn hedging either side.

A lovely view over Cans Dale is admired, as a lane is approached. Reaching the minor lane, turn right towards Fordon. This quiet, rural lane overlooks East Dale off left.

About a third of the Wolds are grazing pastures, or for oil seed rape production.

To your left, view North Cotes Plantation. The valley sides create quite an amphitheatre. Scarcely a sound is heard until you approach sheep-grazing.

More sheep pasture extends to a crossroads sign. Here you may choose to briefly deviate left to glimpse St James’ Church, Fordon. The hamlet around the church was previously known as Fordune, and was under the control of the church at Hunmanby.

I understand that the chapel at Fordon was built between 1086 and 1115. There are folk who recall that the church was once used to shelter sheep and lambs. Extensive repairs were made to the walls and roof in 1973. Money was raised by the sparse population of Fordon, and friends, to see a beautiful little church arise from their efforts. It is most probably closed, but is said to be the smallest church in the Wolds!

Return to the crossroads and follow the lane right, as signed to Flixton 3 miles and Scarborough 10 miles. Passing a bungalow to your left, it’s all uphill as you return.

On your final stretch, the surrounding fields are devoted to corn. As you pass a house with ‘No Entry’, look well to your right and you’ll recognise Danebury Manor screened by woodland.

Reaching a ‘BEND’ notice, you’ll reluctantly return to your mode of transport.

Distance: 4 miles, allow about two hours walking.

Refreshment: Take a flask. There are no facilities on this route. Otherwise refreshment is available near the Staxton roundabout at the inn and restaurant.

Map reference: Ordnance Survey, Scarborough and Bridlington (sheet 101). Scale 1:50,000 (1.25 inches to 1 mile).