Walks: A stimulating winter walk along the Wolds Way

Ideal winter walking! Try this stimulating, toe-twinkling nine-miler. With country lanes and Wolds Way to follow, the route couldn't be easier.

Friday, 2nd February 2018, 3:00 pm
View looking across to Ganton Hall.

The views are far-reaching and fantastic – the best tonic to drive away winter blues.

Take the A64 Scarborough to Malton road to Staxton roundabout and proceed to Ganton village. Park near the Ganton Greyhound which is near the junction of Sands Lane and Woodside Road with the A64.

Cross the main road with care. From the crossroads continue along Woodside Road, to pass the village hall to your right. Ignore a public footpath just beyond known as the Church Balk. Proceed towards parkland belonging to Ganton Hall.

Before Ganton Hall is reached, your route turns right as indicated by the public bridleway sign directing you along the Wolds Way towards Potter Brompton.

Enjoy the peaceful countryside – the land of pheasants – as you remain on the obvious track with blackthorn hedging to the right. Further along, blackthorn hedging is to the left.

When the track meets the village lane of Potter Brompton, turn very briefly right, with Dawnay Lodge behind you. Almost immediately off left (ie before passing Manor Farm), you’ll see a public bridleway sign guiding you onwards.

Follow the track between farm buildings. Ignoring any path diversions, keep to the main footpath. Potter Brompton Brow rises to your left. Follow the Wolds Way along the well-drained path.

Shortly, your steps turn sharply left as you ascend the hillside towards mixed woodlands on Potter Brompton Brow, at the edge of a field. Enter the wood and bear right. As you ascend, magnificent views are revealed.

As you exit the woodland, turn immediately right to follow close beside the boundary down the edge of a field.

Your path takes a right-angled turn, with trees and hedges to the right.

A gentle rise with some scrub to the left is followed by arable land.

An exit is reached giving access to the Foxholes road.

Turn left up a fairly steep lane of 16% gradient, and as you gain height, fantastic views extend to the coast and Oliver’s Mount.

The winding lane creates interest veering right at Potter Brompton Wold Farm to reveal a landscape of undulating scenery. Acres of stubble fields, rape, and cereal crops in season spread carpets of greens, golds and browns before you.

Descending towards Foxholes, Cat Babbleton Farm is viewed to your left, and then the church at Foxholes is a welcome sight as you reach the road junction.

Next, turn left to complete the final stretch of your ramble.

Keep to the roadside verge along this minor road, and step briskly past Barrow Farm, Warren House Farm, and Ganton Wold Farm.

You may meet no-one along this lane until your steeply winding descent towards Ganton Hall. Here, pheasants abound, and between tall pine trees the views are delightful.

Ganton Hall, set in glorious parkland, was built in the Victorian era.

Like a French chateau set in a beautiful valley, this red-bricked mansion is crowned by many tall chimneys, creating an imposing building.

Returning to the A64, at the crossroads you’ll notice Ganton’s Golf Course, where Ryder Cup matches have been played.

Cross the road with care as you complete your trek, and head for the Ganton Greyhound for well-deserved refreshment.

Distance: 9 miles, allow about 4 hours.

Refreshment: The Ganton Greyhound.

Map: Ordnance Survey, Scarborough and Bridlington (sheet 101). Scale: 1.25 inches to 1 mile.