Tim’s ‘poisoned fountains’ revealed in lecture series

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Scarborough theatre director and academic Tim Tubbs emabrks on a new series of lectures at Woodend Creative next month.

Under the title of The Poisoned Fountain Tim will visit the corrupt courts of Renaissance Italy, Elizabethan and Jacobean England and look at real life in those times and the fictions they inspired.

First up is The Borgias on Tuesday September 4. This dynasty still conjurs up images of murder, mayhem and corruption. Tim, dorector of UK Foundation for Dance, looks at teh family including Cesare adn Lucrezia and examones how much they merit their infamous reputation for murder, political chicanery and sexual excesses.

Death in Deptford: the Murder of Christopher Marlowe is the title of the lecture on Tuesday September 11. In his recounting of the fatal stabbing, supposedly in a tavern brawl, of the 1590s playwright Tim reveals a sinister late Elizabethan world of con-men, informers, court intrique and religious persecution.

James 1 and his court is the subject of the lecture on Tuesday September 18. The king was involved in violent and mysterious episodes and it is these that Tim explores.

Dramas of Violence adn Intrigue explores the work of John Webster and other playwrights in a Jacobean era rife with violence and mystery. This is on Tuesday September 25.

Each one-hour lecture will be held at the Sitwell Library at Woodend Creative, in The Crescent, and start at 1pm.