film crews put the focus on us!

'Town' presenter Nick Crane filming with ex-mayor and mayoress Hazel Lynskey, front, and Sheila Kettlewell
'Town' presenter Nick Crane filming with ex-mayor and mayoress Hazel Lynskey, front, and Sheila Kettlewell
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SCARBOROUGH is becoming one of the best locations for film and TV crews after new figures revealed there have been 37 production enquiries since March.

And, according to Screen Yorkshire’s Film Friendly Partnership, around 80 per cent of requests will go on to film in the borough.

The news comes as Scarborough was featured in the BBC series Town on Thursday, and the last episode of Sugartown, a BBC drama series which was filmed in Filey, is due to be screened tomorrow.

Andrew Craske, Screen Yorkshire’s head of communications, said the area had a lot to offer: “In terms of attracting film and TV production to Yorkshire, Scarborough and its surrounding area is an important feather in our cap.

“The diversity of locations is what Yorkshire can offer incoming producers – from big cities to old mill towns to rolling dales; Scarborough, though, offers stunning coastline and the traditional seaside towns that many productions are looking for.

“It’s no surprise that Scarborough has done so well recently with a number of productions such as the BBC’s Sugartown, ITV’s Emmerdale and number of features all shooting in the area.

“Such production brings jobs and inward investment into an area as well as profile and publicity on the screen.”

As well as Town, Sugartown and Emmerdale, recent and future productions have included:

l BBC Coast: for two separate programmes featuring the Naval Warfare Battle at Peasholm Park and at Whitby’s famous shipwreck His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Rohilla in 1914

l A German TV production – The Other Child – which used various locations in the area including Aquarium Top

l The BBC series Hidden Paintings with Lynda Barker

l A BBC documentary about Alan Ayckbourn for the Imagine series

l A Berlin-based film company in the area filming The Culinary Adventures of Sarah Weiner

l The gritty Brit-flick prison drama Screwed which used the Victorian prison in Dean Road as its main location

l An ITV post-war drama Just Henry – starring Josh Bolt, Elaine Cassidy, Dean Andrews, Stephen Campbell Moore, Barbara Flynn and Shelia Hancock – which is due to begin filming later this month

l A crew from Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies programme are hoping to return to the area with a visit to Whitby

l Jimmy Savile filmed a TV advert to promote the golden age of the train which featured the Scarborough Spa Express last month.

Last month actor Timothy Spall visited the town and was very complimentary about the area.

And over the years Scarborough has featured in a number of high-profile productions including Little Voice, The Royal, Vincent starring Ray Winstone, and Five Days starring former Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones and David Morrissey.

Rowena Marsden, Scarborough Council’s Film Friendly Partnership officer, said that the area was becoming one of the best locations in Yorkshire.

She said: “I am really pleased that it’s proving popular. I watched Town and at 10.04pm I got an email from a location manager. He was saying it was fantastic and what a brilliant look into the town with the arts so much to the forefront.

“I’ve got to have quite a good knowledge of the area’s heritage and culture – what I don’t know I probably know somebody that does.”

She added that many local people were involved in the research stages for Town when Laura Blount and the Tern TV production team visited Scarborough last December. She said: “I would like to say a big thank you to all those involved.

“I’m sure that their contributions helped the programme makers capture the essence of Scarborough’s success throughout the years which is based on the love and affection that residents have for the town and the will to work together to make sure Scarborough stays ahead of the game.”