In Scarborough:I, Frankenstein, 12A

I, Frankensteim
I, Frankensteim

In this modern remake of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Aaron Eckhart plays the monster who has been Christened Adam, who is made out of the corpses of eight attractive hunks, and who has been roaming the earth for 200 years looking for his purpose in life.

While doing this, Adam meets the demons and the gargoyles who are embroiled in an age-old conflict between good and bad. The demons, fronted up by Bill Nighy, are desperate to get their mitts on Adam, to see if they can use his soulless body to resurrect their late demon pals, and have also got hold of Adam’s creator’s diary to find out how to create more monsters.

The gargoyles, meanwhile are busy enough trying to keep peace on earth. A big task and one they take very seriously.

It’s at the Hollywood Plaza, Scarborough.