Musician hopes for big break in screen roles

Derek Maddison
Derek Maddison

A SCARBOROUGH musician is hoping to get a big break by branching out into acting.

Derek Maddison, 60, will be on the big screen next year after he secured a small role as an extra in the new British film uwantme2killhim?

The film is based on true events and tells of a teenage boy’s descent into the dangerous world of the Internet and the harrowing consequences of his actions.

Derek, who took on role of a custody sergeant in the film, said it was a long day for him but it had been a brilliant experience.

He said: “I loved it, it was very tiring – I set off at about two o’clock in the morning to get there. The actual filming is good and the film crew were brilliant – they did a few takes from different angles.”

The scene was shot in a disused police station in Rickmansworth and Derek, who has signed up with several agencies in London, even provided his own police uniform for the shoot.

He said: “I was told if you get your own uniform you stand more chance of getting work. I had a few lines as I booked a perpetrator in.”

Filming has now finished and it is understood that producers are hoping to release it in the spring. The cast includes Scarborough actress Joanne Frogatt and Jaime Winstone – the daughter of actor Ray Whinstone.

Derek said: “I don’t know how much they are going to use – it might end up on the cutting room floor – but I think they will use some of it because they didn’t shoot it again.”

He began singing in Scarborough with local band The Coasters in the late-1960s, at the George Hotel and in 1971 he turned professional with the band Harbour Lights.

In 1976 he appeared on the TV talent show New Faces, the X Factor of the era, when he sang Broadway.

He also produced music for TV documentaries for Yorkshire TV – where darts commentator Sid Waddell worked as a producer – and the BBC.

Derek appeared on Stars In Their Eyes as Pat Boone.

The former Plaxtons fitter later worked in Spain where he first tried his hand as an extra – including a role in the popular show Benidorm.He said: “I’d love to do Eastenders with my Yorkshire accent.”