New to Scarborough: The Lone Ranger, 12A

The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger

Hi-ho, Silver – Away! for Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp, director and star who reunite for this rootin’ tootin’ reinvention of the masked avenger.

The Lone Ranger began life as a radio series in the early 1930s and captured the imagination of listeners across America.

The title character, who rode the plains searching for truth and justice in the company of his Native American sidekick, inspired a spin-off series then galloped from the big to the small screen as a long-running TV series starring Clayton Moore and John Hart.

Verbinski’s lavish romp spares no expense in terms of spectacle, including two outrageous set pieces aboard moving trains that are a thrilling combination of 
old-fashioned stunt work 
and pyrotechnics.

While the title of the film may be The Lone Ranger, this is Depp’s show and, once again, he is given carte blanche to conjure a quixotic, comic creation out of the ether. His Tonto lassoes all the best lines and is involved in the most thrilling daredevil action.

The Lone Ranger is an entertaining action adventure, distinguished by Depp’s theatrics and Bojan Bazelli’s stunning cinematography. The west has seldom looked so splendidly wild and rugged.

Unquestionably, the 149-minute running time will leave audiences feeling saddle-sore and the film noticeably drags its spurs in the middle section. However, when it comes to the action, Verbinski’s film delivers at a canter. This is definitely one for fans of the duo’s Pirates of the Caribbean and for those who fondly remember the TV series.

It’s on at the Futurist.