Now showing: Mr Turner, 12A

Timothy Spall in Mr Turner
Timothy Spall in Mr Turner

Mr Turner opens with the breathtaking image of the artist (Timothy Spall) capturing the rising sun over fields in Belgium. He returns to London and the home he shares with his father William (Paul Jesson) and housekeeper Hannah Danby (Dorothy Atkinson).

The relationship between the two men is sketched in exquisite, heart-warming detail in these early scenes, with Turner warmly embracing his “daddy”. Turner channels his energy into his work, which continues to raise eyebrows at the Royal Academy Of Arts.

During excursions to Margate, Turner meets Mrs Booth (Marion Bailey) and her husband (Karl Johnson) and rents a room from the couple so he can paint seascapes by the morning light. The relationship between the artist and Mrs Booth sweetens William’s passing and Turner continues to clash with the artistic establishment.

Mr Turner is on at the Hollywood Plaza, Scarborough, from Friday December 5 to Thursday December 11 and at the Stephen Joseph Theatre from Thursday December 4 to Thursday December 11.