Sarah’s TV bid to come home

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A SCARBOROUGH woman is set to appear in a controversial Channel Four show tonight.

Sarah Rawlinson, along with her children Aysha, 17, and Sol, 10, is a contestant in Love Thy Neighbour, which will be broadcast at 9pm tonight.

Every week two families attempt to win the approval of the villagers of Grassington, a picture-postcard perfect Yorkshire Dales village.

The Grassington residents decide which family is eliminated each week, with the last one standing winning a £300,000 home in the area.

The first episode of the show sparked controversy last week, due to the narrow-minded views of some of the villagers.

Tonight, Sarah and her children will be up against lesbian couple Donna and Louise, who are hoping to start a family in Grassington.

Sarah, who was born and bred in Scarborough and ran the Harbourside Bistro and Cod and Lobster pub in Staithes, is a keen motorcyclist and works as an artist and life model.

She moved to Glastonbury four years ago, but is remaining tight-lipped over whether she was successful in winning the home.

Sarah said yesterday: “I was on a website and I saw an advert asking if people wanted to move back to Yorkshire. I’ve been wanting to move closer to home for a while so I went for it.

“I’m dreading watching the show - I don’t know how they’re going to portray me.

“I’ve got a lot of friends coming round to watch it though.”