Scarborough Film Society programme revealed

Reels roll on the new season of Scarborough Film Society with movies from France, Chile and Denmark as well as the US.

All the films are screened at Scarborough Library in Vernon Road on Fridays starting at 7.30pm.

First up is Nothing to Declare – a winsome comedy about customs officers on the Franco-Belgian border. It is on Friday September 13.

This will be followed by Argo – and awardwinng film starring and directed by Ben Affleck.

It is based on the true story of some imaginative derring-do by a brilliant and unorthodox CIA agent, Tony Mendez, in Teheran.

From Denmark comes the thriller The Hunt on September 27 and the uplifting drama Untouchable will be screened on October 11.

The Sapphires is a musical-comedy-drama from Australia, set in 1968 and vaguely based on fact, about an Aboriginal group of feisty talented girl-singers defying the odds by entertaining US troops in Vietnam with Irish soul-music. It’s on October 25.

A Hijacking is also from Denmark and is on November 8. Starring Maggie Smith and Tom Courtney Quartet is on November 22.

Bringing the a woman’s disappearance, and coprogramme to a close is drama The Past on May 9.

Membership for all 19 films is £40. Non members can pay on the door.,

For further information call (01723) 361661.