Sorority show fury

The Sorority Girls
The Sorority Girls

A TWITTER row erupted after a reality TV show contestant branded Scarborough “full of old people and donkeys”.

The comment was made on E4 show Sorority Girls on Monday night. The show follows a group of students in Leeds who try to impress members of an American sorority, which are social student groups, in order to join.

This week it was filmed in Scarborough, as contestants helped out at the Market Hall, whilst the American sorority members sampled local delicacies such as mushy peas and cockles. They also enjoyed treatments at the Crown Spa Hotel.

However, irate Scarborians took to the web to vent their anger at some of the contestants’ comments during the show, which included one contestant simply saying “eurgh” at the prospect of heading to Scarborough for the afternoon.

Lauren Price jumped to the defence of Scarborough, tweeting: “Clearly (they) haven’t been on a scarbs night out saying it’s all old people and donkeys!!”

The American contestants also didn’t escape the wrath of Scarborians. They were heavily criticised for being seemingly incapable of pronouncing Scarborough correctly, with Kirsty Whytock’s tweet of: “How hard is it to say Scarborough?” being just one of dozens on the issue.

And on the streets of Scarborough yesterday, residents were furious with the show’s portrayal of Scarborough.

Dalia Rowe, 16, said: “It made the town look really bad. To say it’s only got old people and donkeys is just wrong. I thought they were out of line.”

Rebecca Stringer, 16, was in agreement, adding: “Who are they to say that when they can’t even say Scarborough right?”

However, not everyone believed the show painted a bad picture of Scarborough.

Ian Hutchinson is the manager of DJ Horsley butchers, which is based inside the Market Hall.

He was featured on the show teaching the girls how to make sausages, and he believed the town came across well, saying: “I thought it did a very good job of showing what else the town has to offer, especially the Market.

“I personally think that it will help to bring people in the Market Hall, and in a time where all you hear about is supermarkets, it’s great to see something which shows just how much hard work goes on down here.

“Even though they said what they said, I thought the girls were very nice when I met them. They were quite presentable, although their sausage making wasn’t up to much.”

And Cllr David Jeffels, Tourism and Culture Portfolio holder for Scarborough Council, added: “Scarborough’s attracting more and more young people and we have done for a long time.

“We’re among the most popular places in the country to film in.”