Bridlington artist Estella Brown is featuring in retrospective exhibition at The Bayle Museum

Estella BrownEstella Brown
Estella Brown
Bridlington artist Estella Brown, whose work has been recognised by The Royal Academy, is the subject of a new retrospective exhibition at The Bayle Museum.

The Old Town venue will be hosting the display of work until October as part of its ‘Beside the Seaside’ exhibition.

The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to find out more about a highly talented artist who lived her whole life in Bridlington, and whose artistic career spanned more than 50 years, attracting both local and nationwide fame.

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In 1984, one of Estella’s many battle scenes, entitled ‘Waterloo’, was selected by the Royal Academy from more than 12,000 entries to be one of 1,769 pictures for its Summer exhibition of living artists’ work.

A spokesperson for The Bayle Museum said: “We are delighted to host an exhibit that pays tribute to renowned artist, Estella Brown, whose beautiful and timeless paintings celebrate Bridlington and its seaside heritage. We look forward to showcasing the story of her life and art as part of our Beside the Seaside exhibition.

The owner of Gallery 49, Liz Hillman, added: “We were proud to sell Estella’s original paintings for many years and her work is still in great demand and is now highly collectible. We are often being asked about her pictures.”

The gallery is organising a full print exhibition of many of Estella Brown’s most popular paintings that is planned to run from May through to the end of the Summer.