These are the top five favourite bedtime stories

As long as reading together is fun and educational, there is no reason to stopAs long as reading together is fun and educational, there is no reason to stop
As long as reading together is fun and educational, there is no reason to stop

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It’s long been known that children benefit from bedtime stories. They are a great tool for bonding with your little one and helping them feel calm, safe and ready for sleep.

While these alone are enough reasons to get some bedtime reading in, the benefits of bedtime stories go a lot deeper – and not just for children.

Speech, reading, and listening are all important skills that can be developed very early in a little one’s life. Literacy and language are taught in schools from a young age, so reading with your child helps them to continue this development at home.

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Even as they begin to read independently, you can continue to read together before bedtime. As long as reading together is fun and educational, there is no reason to stop.

Stories give children an outlet for exploring feelings, both their own and those of the characters in the book. This exploration of emotions gives them the tools to understand and control their own feelings as they get older.

Builds the bond between parent and child

Reading a story to your little one at bedtime allows you to spend quality time together. Parenting can be a tough gig, and story time might be the only calm period you get with your child on some days, so it’s always best to savour it.

Not just for kids

We spend around a third of our lives asleep, yet sleep seems to elude many people. The day-to-day stresses of modern life mean that 4 in 10 Brits report struggling to sleep.

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Blue light has a lot to answer for. The light emitted from the screens of laptops, phones and televisions affects the natural melatonin we produce. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our sleeping patterns. Melatonin production is triggered by darkness, making us sleepy, and light slows melatonin production, which helps keep us awake.

You’re setting yourself up for a much better night’s sleep by ditching the screen time for an hour of bedtime reading.

In fact, bedtime stories are a great source of comfort for people of all ages. There are now whole websites, apps, podcasts and playlists dedicated to providing “grown-up bedtime stories” that can be listened to as you fall asleep.

Family furniture retailer Noa & Nani have delved into the search habits of the UK public to reveal the most popular bedtime stories chosen by parents across the nation.

The top five popular bedtime stories are:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

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When a family set off on an adventure to find a bear, they reach a gloomy cave where they encounter the bear, who chases them all the way home.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

This charming tale tells the story of a young caterpillar who grows and grows until it’s he transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

This family favourite tells the story of a little mouse walking through the woods. On his journey, he encounters various animals, using the tale of the frightening Gruffalo to fend them off.

Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

The Rainbow Fish is about a beautiful, colourful fish with shiny metallic scales and who has to learn to share.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

This children’s classic tells the story of Max, who dreams of the world of wild things after being sent to his room. The wild things respect Max’s fearlessness and make him their king.