Do you remember these 6 iconic 1980s hairstyles?

Would you dare to wear the iconic mullet?Would you dare to wear the iconic mullet?
Would you dare to wear the iconic mullet?
Trends come and go and when it comes to hairstyles this is also the case. The 80s produced a wild array of wild and wonderful hairstyles, some of which may continue to be revived, some of which may be best left forgotten.

The Mullet

Short at the front and sides and long at the back, this hairstyle was definitely unique. An odd few have dared to wear this style, including celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Patrick Swayze, but for the most part, the mullet remains in the past.

Tall Mohawk

The iconic crimped hair of the 80sThe iconic crimped hair of the 80s
The iconic crimped hair of the 80s

The Tall Mohawk hairstyle was a little out of the ordinary, which suited the vibes of the 1980s. This hairstyle involves both sides of the head being shaven, just leaving a strip of noticeably longer, upright hair in the centre. Usually brightly coloured and extremely noticeable, this hairstyle is still worn by some, but is definitely a trend associated with the 80s.

Jheri curls

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This hairstyle was popular amongst African-Americans in the 1980s and worn by the likes of Michael Jackson. Named after its creator, hairdresser Jheri Redding, this style was a glossy, curled look and is quite similar to a permed hairstyle.

Crimped hair

The classic permThe classic perm
The classic perm

Crimped hair also adds to one of the more crazier hairstyles to emerge from the 1980s. Unsubtle in its nature, crimped hair was usually the bigger the better. Armed with a crimping device, the people of the 80s could access the crimped hairstyle whenever they wanted, but this is a trend which continued into the 90s and early 2000s.

High side ponytail

Simple yet dramatic. The high side ponytail epitomised what the 80s was all about. The higher the better and usually decorated with an elaborate or brightly coloured scrunchy, this style was hard to miss, but tends to be a lesser sight today.

The Perm

The iconic crimped hair of the 80sThe iconic crimped hair of the 80s
The iconic crimped hair of the 80s

The iconic, classic perm. Everybody has heard of it and everybody knows what it looks like. This 80s staple was worn by people everywhere and wasn’t unlike the Jheri curls hairstyle. The permanent wave, the original name of the perm, involves the use of heat and chemicals to structure the hair and a waving lotion or 'reagent' is usually applied. Although it is still quite commonly worn today, it is still notoriously associated with the 1980s.

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