Review: Bill Bailey, Limboland, Scarborough Spa

Love, pain and the whole damn thing – that’s what Bill Bailey throws into his Limboland tour.
Bill BaileyBill Bailey
Bill Bailey

This is comedy at its cleverest – a philosphical shaggy dog story with no beginning, middle or end.

The ideas, like Bailey, never stay still long enough for you to get a real grasp of them. His mind his racing and you’re running to keep up – and it’s great fun.

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It’s like a story involving his slightly built mother-in-law Ann being pulled by a dog sled – you’re “like a pringle being towed by a Maserati”.

Just what Ann was doing on the sled in the first place was a whole different story.

Then there’s music – Bailey roams the instrument-laden stage picking up a guitar and playing heavy metal, rock or blues – stopping at the keyboards for a blast of Liszt or giving us a savage country and western tune played on a banjo “made from a bible”. And move aside Gareth Malone, he turned us into a choir in 30 seconds.

Limboland is two hours of gob-smacking genius, hippy cool and sharp asides – including Elton John being a “blinged up Janette Krankie” (didn’t know there was anyone else who hadn’t fallen for the ‘saint Elton’ schtick).

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Bailey takes your intelligence for granted and invites you on an existential journey of free-falling ideas – from first love to the difference between happiness and contentment.

Brilliantly brainy. This is rock with laughter.

Bill Bailey is back at the Spa tonight – Thursday November 12 – at 8pm.

Tickets: 01723 821 888 or

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