REVIEW: Tree-Fu Tom Live! at the Spa, Scarborough

Anyone who took their children down to the Spa this Saturday to see Tree Fu Tom Live were treated to an entertaining and fun show.

My wife and I took our five-year-old son and daughter, seven, down to the Scarborough venue, and upon arriving at the venue there was already a real buzz about the place with lots of very excited children eager to see the stars of the popular CBeebies show.

As the show started we were introduced to Tom, Twigs, Ariela and their friends, who are all residents of the magical world of Treetopolis, as they set out on their quest to find the hidden treasure using a map they had stumbled upon.

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Straight from the start the entire cast encouraged the audience to stand up and join Tom in ‘making the magic’.

Our daughter especially enjoyed copying the moves and singing along with the catchy songs.

There was a short intermission after about 40 minutes to allow the children and adults to have a breather and stock up on refreshments.

When the show resumed Tom and his friends carried on their adventure and the laughs, magic and songs came thick and fast.

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At the end of the show the full cast performed an easy to follow dance routine which got everybody in the theatre up on their feet.

Fans of Tree Fu Tom, which was first aired in 2012 and has had a third series commissioned, and newcomers to the show alike, would really enjoy the live performance and our two children were VERY excited to see their favourite on screen characters brought to life in such a fun and active way.

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