Friends open dog health hub in Ryedale - Groucho's offers massage, reiki and music therapy

Pooch pampering with a difference is now on offer at a doggy health hub in Ryedale.

By Sarah Fitton
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 10:25 am
Jennifer Robb (left) and Paula Goodrick (right) have opened Groucho's - a holistic doggy health hub in Norton

Groucho’s in Norton invites pups in for massage, reiki and even music therapy.

The salon is run by friends Paula Goodrick and Jennifer Robb at Evergreen Way.

Their aim is to “work with nature” to offer a holistic approach to taking care of people’s pets.

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“The idea came about as she asked for my help with a particularly difficult behavioural issue with a German Shepherd,”said Paula, from Snainton.

“I am a qualified dog trainer and complementary therapist so we dealt with the issue and desensitised the dog with success and the idea for the whole holistic business was born.

“We feel that this is a particularly important element of this period of time, especially after Covid-19 where we need to work in conjunction with as many natural elements as possible and this avenue has, up until this point in time, been largely unexplored.”

The pair offer an array of services including grooming, styling and fur dying, massage and pain management, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, and behaviour modification through a combination of herbal, aromatherapy and flower essence, reiki and music therapy.

“Working with nature, we offer the complete doggy health hub,” said Paula.

The pandemic has seen a reported rise in the number of people becoming pet-owners.

Paula said she and Jennifer have already had a huge response for their services.

“The initial response from people has been outstanding! It’s like they have been waiting for it to happen and as soon as they know the services are offered they are making bookings,” she said.

“Our passion and our belief is that Groucho’s is the future of canine healthcare moving forward.”

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