Loftus optician offers the ‘Rolls Royce MOT’ of eye tests

A leading Loftus optician is urging residents to value their eyes and look after them properly – with the Rolls Royce MOT of eye tests.

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Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 1:20 pm
Meet the optician who’s taking your eye tests seriously
Meet the optician who’s taking your eye tests seriously

John Prouse, of Loftus Optical in Zetland Road, warns that there can be a huge difference between the tests offered by different practices.

“Think about it as an MOT for your eyes,” he explains. “If you had a Rolls Royce car and you take your car to a garage offering you a free MOT, do you think it’s going to be the same quality as if you take it to a Rolls Royce garage?

“Do you think the free garage is going to spend the same time and detailed inspection on your car as the Rolls Royce one? Do you think the free garage is going to have the same equipment to carry out all the checks as the Rolls Royce service?

“Hopefully readers will get my point! There are opticians out there offering free eye tests or eye tests for £10.

“All I can say is your eyes are precious and priceless. If you value your eyes and you want to look after them, my new enhanced eye exam is the Rolls Royce MOT equivalent for your eye test.”

Last year, the clinic invested £100,000 in an Optomap scanner which scans for problems at the very back of your eyes. The high-tech equipment, which is normally only found in special eye hospitals and select opticians across the UK, offers patients a vital chance to get a full health check inside your eyes.

“Since the age of 11 when I first needed glasses. I have been obsessed with eyes and vision,” he adds. “Over the last 10 years when I opened my first practice, I have been working on a plan to give people the best eye test possible.

“I am extremely excited to be able to offer this to you and to give you complete peace of mind your eyes are in the best shape they can be and to save you from vision problems and even general health problems.

“The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. I would like you to come in and experience an eye test. If you are not happy and do not believe it has lived up to your expectation, I will give you a full courteous refund.

“You now have access to unbelievable eyecare on your doorstep right here in Loftus and Skelton. The technology available here is something you would normally expect only in private opticians on Harley Street in London.”

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