Scarborough-based Futureworks NY wins quality standard award

Futureworks NY has been awarded the Matrix quality standardFutureworks NY has been awarded the Matrix quality standard
Futureworks NY has been awarded the Matrix quality standard
Scarborough-based Futureworks NY has been awarded the  Matrix quality standard for information advice and guidance services in their sector, it has been revealed.

The accreditation, which is delivered by the Growth Company on behalf of the Department of Education, has been given to the team in recognition of the quality of work they do.

Futureworks NY is a not-for-profit organisation helping local learners from school age upwards.

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Michelle Padron-Kitching, co-founder of Futureworks NY, said: “We are delighted with the news! The conditions of the accreditation are rigorous, and we had to submit evidence, sample records, attend Zoom meetings and send in lots of other documentation as part of the assessment process.”

Sarah Thornton, also a co-founder of Futureworks NY, said: “We worked very hard to set up Futureworks NY, which we founded in 2012 and this accreditation is testament to all the hard work that is carried out by the whole team.”

The report states: “Throughout the ‘client/learner journey’, there is a range of opportunities and ‘touch points’ for interaction and dialogue with clients/learners, from the first point of contact and initial assessment and continuously for the duration of their programme of support.

“Over a sustained period of year, Futureworks has worked successfully towards the achievement of a range of measurable targets and outcomes across contracts and programmes of support … they achieved in excess of 50 percent into employment, education or training … Futureworks is a totally person centred organisation where staff are fully focused on supporting clients/learners towards achieving their goals, positive outcomes and aspirations.”

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The assessors noted the strengths of Futureworks included its overall purpose, its strong links with its prime and other networking partners and all staff consistently supported individuals in a non-judgemental manner.