Clara's Coffee Shop in Whitby earns excellence award from Whitby Civic Society

Whitby Civic Society has awarded Clara’s Coffee Shop on Whitby’s West Cliff a certificate of excellence.

The society’s certificate of excellence scheme aims to highlight works in the built or natural environment that safeguard and enhance the heritage of Whitby improve the street scene and help to instil civic pride.

The scheme signposts good practice and inspires and encourages higher standards of work.

Honorary secretary of Whitby Civic Society, Carolyn Curr, said: “Clara’s award is for a sympathetic restoration of an outdated and under-used municipal building, the old Spa Pavilion Theatre Booking Office, which is now refurbished and equipped to a high standard and neatly presented in a timeless seaside livery.

Clara's Coffee Shop, Whitby, against a pink sky backdrop.

“Popular since its conversion with locals and tourists alike, following the outbreak of the pandemic it became a truly valuable asset to our town.

"Through the publicity of word of mouth and tourist media reviews, as a destination it encourages people to walk to The Esplanade and Crescent Gardens and make full use of the gardens and promenade, opening up that part of the town to those who had seldom used it.

“This provides a gateway to beach walks – more essential exercise, while the business actively promotes social distancing on the premises.”

Chris Dickinson, owner of Clara's Coffee Shop in Whitby, is presented with his certificate of excellence by Whitby Civic Society members.
Clara's Coffee Shop owner Chris Dickinson receives the excellence award from Chair of Whitby Civic Society, Dr John Field.